How the Training Works

Part 1

To assist you through this part of the course we will provide you with a home study pack including online theory and hazard perception tools, part 1 home study guide, Highway code, Driving Instructors handbook, Know your traffic signs, Practical teaching skills for driving instructors, The official DVSA guide to driving, The official DVSA guide to learning to drive. The pack includes everything you will need to successfully pass this part of the process and includes:

This is the easiest part of the course and should not provide any difficulties if you revise adequately. You will also be able to contact Chris over the phone or come into the office to discuss any issues you may be having with this part of the test. A strong understanding of the theory is essential if success is to be achieved.

Part 2

  • 10 hours 1-2-1 in car tuition with a Chris DVSA Grade A instructor
  • Part 2 Driving Workbook

You will receive 10 hours of in car tuition with a Chris, who will help you get to the standard required to pass part 2. You will be expected to drive to a high standard in this exam, so it is vital that you also practice and drive to this standard all the time. You may have several years of experience as a driver and probably a few bad habits, so it is important to take on board any new information you are taught. Driving techniques have changed enormously over the years and you will be brought up to date with the latest modern driving skills. Please don’t be concerned though, we’ve witnessed some weak driving practices, but nothing we haven’t been able to sort out. To pass this part of the test you must complete an hour-long driving test with no more than 6 minor driving faults. We will take you out in your own vehicle or you can use one of our cars for training. All our training is one to one and we will take you on the test routes that the examiner is likely to take you on to give you the best chance as possible of passing first time. This part of the test can normally be completed after 10 hours of driving tuition.

Part 3

  • 40 Hours 1-2-1 in car training
  • Part 3 Instructing workbook

You’ll benefit from 40 hours of extensive training for part 3 and this is when 1-2-1 training really makes the difference. You will be provided with home study to help you get to grips with what is required to pass this part of the test. This is the most difficult part of the qualifying process so dedicated home study is required alongside your training. We will provide you with ample training aids and literature to help learn as easily and as quickly as you can. All our training will be carried out on a 1-2-1 basis, and you will an also sit in the back of real driving lessons to gain valuable experience. All training can be taken in our cars, or you can take it in your own car. Training will be fitted around your current working circumstances/family commitments. We recommend weekly training session to ensure continuity and speed up the qualification process.

Initially your training will be role play based. Where your trainer will play the role of the pupil, and you will need to train them accordingly on the chosen subject. Once you have grasped certain subjects, your trainer may make other faults that aren’t related to the chosen subject at the beginning of the lesson. You will need to correct these faults and decide if it’s necessary to change the lesson plan. Once you are at a stage where you know many subjects and you are able to change the lesson plan to suit the pupils needs as and when necessary, you will be given the opportunity to practice with a pupil your trainer has provided, or you may know someone yourself that needs to learn to drive. Once you are at this stage of your training, you may decide to go onto a trainee licence. The trainee licence isn’t compulsory. You can take your Part 3 test without taking out a trainee licence.


“When I decided to change my career, I visited several driving schools and found Passfaster the best for me.
I have received help and support throughout all 3 parts of my training. The lessons I needed to take have been able to fit around my current job and as I am on the final part of my training, I find that I am able to teach pupils and really enjoy it. I also have the reassurance that if I have any issues help is only a phone call away.”

Pam Labio, trained and working with Passfaster

“Since starting work with passfaster I have really enjoyed my job as a driving instructor and have thrived in confidence, passfaster is always there to help should I need it and the support is ongoing. It’s a busy job but very rewarding with opportunities to meet and work with lovely students.”

Sarah Smith Trained and working with Passfaster

“Best decision I ever made, I was working in sales before I trained as an instructor and I can now play Golf and enjoy holiday weekends away when I want! Training was great and they got me working on a trainee licence asap so I could start making money. Been working for Passfaster for years now and just got myself a new Mercedes to teach in!”

Kev Brannan. Trained and working with Passfaster

“Was trained by Chris and John, stayed in my previous job as a teaching assistant until I got my Trainee licence. Managed to pass part 3 1st time, which was great. Never looked back.”

Nicola Orme. Trained and working with Passfaster

Current Instructors training and working with Passfaster
Catherine Supple, Julie Ellis, Anne Stephenson.

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