Want to earn more money and have the freedom to work when you want?

You can start a new career and become a Driving Instructor with Passfaster Driving Instructor Training

You can earn more than you think and train whilst still in your current job.
There is currently a national shortage of instructors which has led to an increase in lesson price and unprecedented demand for lessons, Passfaster Instructors are now earning £50,000+ (based on 40hr week)

Please fill out the form, Chris will send you an email and arrange the best time for chat to discuss all the options. We don’t hard sell, there is no contract to sign, and you don’t pay any money up front. We will go through the whole process with you and explain the job of being a driving instructor and the training involved, it is then up to you to decide if this is the right job for you.
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You need to be over 21, have held a driving license for at least 3 years and have no more than 5 points on your license. There aren’t any other jobs out there with such high pay without a university education.

Is this the right job for you?
Do you enjoy driving? Helping people gain new skills? Meeting new people? Working when you want with no boss? Earning a satisfying income?
Then this could be the ideal job for you!

In order to become an instructor, you will need to take and pass Part 1 (theory test) Part 2 (Driving test) and Part 3 Test of instructional ability).

We will help you prepare for each of these tests through our 1-2-1 training programme and provide you with all the material you will need to succeed. You will only pay for the training as and when you need it and therefore the cost will be spread out over the period of time you are training. You will require a total of 50 hours 1 to 1 training with one our trainers (10hrs for part 2 and 40 hours for Part 3).
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The cost of training is currently £40 per hour which equates to £2,000 for 50hrs training (you can start teaching pupils and earning money whilst you train for Part 3,)

Other costs you will incur are test booking fees paid to DVSA (£303 in total for all 3 tests) DVSA licence fee (£300) and reading materials provided by Passfaster (£100 approx)

On completion of the course, we will offer you a guaranteed Job with Passfaster, starting at a reduced franchise rate to help you start your career. You can  start teaching (on a trainee licence) and earning before you are fully qualified as a driving instructor.

Don’t be fooled by other companies that seem cheaper, we simply charge you how much our instructors charge for training which is the same as learner tuition. How can other schools provide so called quality training at less than an instructor would earn teaching pupils. When currently there is plenty of work for them at £35-£45 per hour?

Answer is they will get you to sign a contract so that when you have trained you are tied in to work for that company for several months/years at a reduced rate meaning every week you work you will pay them back considerably more than the training would have cost. Please don’t be deceived , if it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true.

Train to become a driving instructor with Passfaster today and we’ll make sure that your transition to a better career is quick, easy and stress free! And you can change your mind at any time and will only ever pay for what you have done. Book an appointment with me today and I can explain the process to you. I am a grade A Dvsa approved instructor and have been running Passfaster Driving School for over 20 years. Text on 07852451457 or email on chris@passfaster.org and he will be back in touch to answer all your questions.

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Passfaster is the biggest driving school in the Liverpool area. It is a family run local company that has been established for over 20 years and we currently have 40 instructors working for us, many of whom have been with us for more than 10 years.
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